Meinberg Security Advisory [MBGSA-1801]: Spectre and Meltdown

A team of cybersecurity researchers found critical vulnerabilities in modern processors, allowing programs to access data of other processes and therefore potentially retrieve private information like access credentials, emails, instant messages or business data. According to processor manufacturers, most of the used CPUs in computers, mobile devices and embedded systems are affected. from Meinberg News […]

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Meinberg Security Advisory [MBGSA-1701]: LTOS6 Web Interface

Jakub Palaczynski, an independent IT security researcher, reported three vulnerabilities concerning the web user interface of Meinberg devices running on LTOS6 firmware. These vulnerabilities have been fixed in the latest Meinberg stable LTOS6 firmware release 6.24.004 that is available as a free update for all Meinberg customers according to the Meinberg free lifetime security update […]

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